Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Nothing But Concrete

Ali Watson, Fakie Flip, Runcorn
Rich Foreshew, Flip Shov, Runcorn
Ali Watson, Backside Flip, Runcorn
Tibbs, Backside Tail Block, Runcorn

Tibbs, Frontside Tail Block, Runcorn
Ali Watson, Three Ollies, Warrington

Dean Lawrence, Bean Plant Pivot, Warrington

Charlie Birch, Hammer, Warrington
Charlie Birch,

Charlie Birch, Wallride Pop Out, Liverpool
Dean Lawrence, Wallride, Newbird

Tibbs, Front Rock, Newbird

Ade Newton, Back Smith, Newbird

Charlie Birch, Sugarcane, Newbird

Dean Lawrence, Texas, Newbird

Rich Foreshew, Front Wallride, Newbird

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It's dry!

Guy Jones's Camo pants are like his back Smiths RAD!
Ryan Rebotis, Big Ollie and quick feet
"Fuckin Flyin"                                                
Hilly, Merlin
Hilly, making shapes on this back tail
Guy Jones, Backside No Conply

Guy Jones, Impossible
Even I got something, Front Blunt

Hilly, Frontside half cab flip

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Vaults : Ali Watson

One Foot Ollie over the bin

 photo Untitled-1-6.gif
Full Cab Heel

Backside Ollie



Suski Grind the whole way round

Backside Shiffy

Nose Bonk Photo Tom Tanner
 photo Untitled-1aliseawallgif.gif

Front Board

Backside Ollie

Fakie Flip



Back 50.50



Backside Flip



Saturday, 9 February 2013

Out the way there lad

"Billy Big Bollocks"

"Billy big bollocks"
Back Lip for his new Aldi ad.
Front Wallride as the security pulled into the car park
Nose Blunt Pull in, Why? i do not know.
Carving the Welsh Wallow's