Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Muff, Carve

Anthony Carroll, Frontside 180

Mackey, Up the Wall

Muff, Up Another Wall

Danny Homles, Ollie

Marshy, Boneless

Vaughan Jones, Ollie

Tom Tanner, Backside Ollie

Danny Homles, Noseblunt

Luke Fletcher, Wallride

Ryan Rebotis, Kickfliping

Mackey, Backside Nose Grind

Tom Tanner Nose Bonk

Vaughan Jones, Ollie

Monday, 12 December 2011


During these winter months skateboardings cold, hard and mostly moist. Here's a bunch of photos to get you stoked for skatin the bird when the weather finally sorts its self out. If you wanna skate it now make sure you bring a brush and brush the fuck out of it. Remember if you wanna skate you gotta put the fuckin effort in!

Russ Longmire, Wallride

Paul Hill, Nose grind

Adam Cooke, lein tail

Mike Waldon, Ollie in

Winny, 360 Nollie heel

Leroy Wells, 5.0

Ash Brown, one foot

Ash Wilson, Ollie. Photo by David Mackey

Geff, Back Lip

Luke fletcher, Swig and a Sweeper

Andy Evans, Switch front bigspin

Russ Moule, Tail block

Muff, 5.0

Russ Longmire, 5.0 round the corner

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Down the Park

Tom Tanner, ollie wallride

Kickflip by name, kickflip by nature

Charlie Birch, backside ollie

Joe Little, Tre flip

Joe Little, wallie

Liam, benihana