Friday, 26 August 2011

Sowie Nights

Danny Holmes, Ollie. The run up for this 13 is made of gravel and has a gradient of 45 degrees ish.

Ali Watson, riding the waves, shakker bro dude

Ste "gull" Bates, waves good bye to his t-shirt and says hello to this wallride fakie

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Friday Night

David Geraghty, Front Shov, Hope St

Paul Hill, Switch Flip, Hope St

Leroy Wells 5.0

Friday, 19 August 2011

The past few weeks.

Ryan Rebotis, flip backlip

Ali Watson, Ollie

Tom Tanner, Feeble

Tom Tanner, Noseblunt

Martin Draxlbauer, Boneless

Monday, 8 August 2011

ES Game of Skate

Well done Paul for the win!

Paul Hill
Greg Herbert

Winner, Paul Hill

3rd 4th place play off
Sean Walters
Winner Winnie

Sean Walters
Felix Lefeuure
Jack Cotton
Paul Hill
1st Paul Hill
2nd Sean Walters

Josh Farrington
Mike Waldon
Greg Herbert
1st Greg Herbert
2nd Winnie

Round Eight,
Lawrie O'hara
Max Sinclair
Greg Herbert
Winner, Greg Herbert

Round Seven,
Fred Lambert
Ben Davison
Winner, Winnie


Round Six,
Ste Melta
Jake Mitchel
Sean Walters
Russ Moule
Winner, Sean Walters

Round Five,
Felix Lefeuure
Liam Evans
David Lavery
Harry Whitcomb
Harry Davies
Winner, Felix Lefeuure

Round Four,
Dominic Long
Josh Farrington
Laurie Walters
Liam Gailfayle
Joe McCombe
Winner, Josh Farrington

Round Three,
David Geraghty
Sam Taubman
Paul Hill
Will Kynaston
Kieran Pope
Winner, Paul Hill

Round Two,
Paul Hutton
Mike Waldron
Declan Biron
Dom Chambers
Winner, Mike Waldron

Round One,
Jack Cotton
Robbie Jackson
Ben Crawley
Chris Carragher
Anthony Carroll
Winner, Jack Cotton